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About AnglerFish

Current version:

1.2.10 / 03-07-2016

Fixed thumbnail issue (output image contained source thumbnail, giving false preview in some image browsers).

AnglerFish features and functions:

  • Converting fisheye images to rectilinear and cylindrical projections.
  • Geometrical transformations, which can be used for all images (fisheye and rectilinear). There are perspective correction, rotations, distortion adjusting, scale and hight/width ratio.
  • Adjusting egdes width in photos taken with utra-wide lens.
  • Automatic or manual image cropping.
  • Batch processing.
  • Working with jpg and tiff files (8 and 16 bit).
  • Built-in bicubic interpolation, which is the best, when source and destination sizes are similar.
  • All transformations are performed in one step, to minimalize quality degradation.
  • Unregistered version saves watermarked images.

System and computer requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • RAM 256MB or more, CPU Pentium M or newer, 10MB free space on HDD.
  • Internet access for registration.


  • Download, install and test AnglerFish, if it meets your needs.
  • Buy AnglerFish. You receive an email with License Key.
  • Store this License Key somewhere for (possible) future use.
  • Run unregistered copy of AnglerFish, enter Licence Key (copy and paste is a good idea), and press OK. You can be asked by system, if AnglerFish may access the Internet (it is needed for License Key validation). Answer "yes". After a short time you should see a message, that AnglerFish runs in registered mode. If nothing happens, maybe your computer has installed firewall/antivirus program, which is blocking AnglerFish. In this case read in firewall documentation, how to allow programs to access the Internet. Then do it and try again. If you still have problems, try another method: after entering License Key press and hold Shift key on the keyboard. Then click on OK and follow instructions.
  • License Key can be used three times to activate AnglerFish.
  • License is not time limited and is valid for all next 1.x versions of AnglerFish. Just download new version, install it and enter License Key again, if needed (when you are installing new version over the older one, it should run already in registered mode).
  • You can use License Key to activate AnglerFish on your three different computers. Number of activations on the same computer is not limited. You can reinstall and activate AnglerFish as many times as you wish. Important: computer, after big hardware replacement, will be assumed as different.