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AnglerFish is a "defish" software for unwrapping photos taken by camera with fisheye lens attached. Result images are rectilinear, with straight lines on entire area, or with straight only horizontal/vertical lines. To do it perfectly, AnglerFish has growing database of lens profiles. It is not only defisher - there are many other functions for adjusting image geometry.

Now AnglerFish can also help to defish a movie - batch processing allows easy conversion of all movie frames.

Everyone can help in lens database developing. If you have fisheye lens (or wide angle, rectilinear lens, but with very large, annoying distortion), not listed here, you can take a profile photo. It is very easy, read how to do it. Every contributor can get full working version for free!

Please send any suggestions, error reports and lens profile photos to ajt@ajotte.com.